www.wrbil.com api version 1.0

base url: (version 1.0)


url format:

request type, company key, secret key, param 1, …

Authentication failure:

{“fail”:{“authentication”:”company key or secret key fail”}}

get active employee list, where thou is 0 or record # to start:


sample return format:

Six active employees in a named json array with the key equal to the name of the request and the data is a named list of last and first names, sorted by last name and named by the system assigned record number of each employee.
{“emp_name_list”:{“22″:”Flanders, Ned”,”33″:”Simpson, Homer”,”44″:”Simpson, Marge”,”11″:”Szyslak, Moe”,”15″:”Van Houten, Milhouse”,”16″:”Ziff, Artie”}}